Words from our patients

Elizabeth V.

Submitted 03/31/17

The staff and Dr. Spaulding herself are very professional & amazing. Every time I go, everyone is so sweet and kind. Always smiling. Everyone is so caring. I recommend this office to friends and family.

Nichole K.

Submitted 08/02/16

Missy and Dr. Spaulding are fabulous. They really are thorough, but also very comforting. They take the time to listen to your needs and answer any questions that you might have. I highly recommend Dr. Spaulding and her staff. They really changed the way I feel about coming to the dentist.

Roshini J.

Submitted 08/02/16

Dr. Spaulding has been fantastic. I started coming to her after my dental insurance had lapsed for a few years. She got me back on track and really healthy, and it’s been a pleasure and I highly recommend Dr. Spaulding and her team.

Harold B.

Submitted 08/02/16

Honestly, it’s been really life-changing for me. Before to Dr. Spaulding I had never used dental floss my entire life, I really dreaded coming to the dentist and tried not to think about dental hygiene or preventive dentistry at all. Dr. Spaulding taught me preventive dentistry, that I can take of my own teeth though flossing and good dental hygiene at home. She gave the basic tools that allowed me to come to the dentist less and save a lot of money on dental care. It’s allowed my teeth and gums to become very healthy, something I know I’ll be able to maintain.

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